Bundharam Kundharam is released

WASHINGTON, DC – Rumjhum Sarkar, a well-known and award-winning legal author has written her first collection of children’s stories.  She introduces Bundharam Kundharam, a grandfatherly figure who is able to talk to flowers, animals and puppets, and who resolves their problems.  The stories are fantasy adventures that begin in India and travels to Morocco, Spain, Indonesia and beyond. 

Bundharam Kundharam is fresh, original, and imaginative.  The Flower Garland Story is about the dilemma of a young princess in choosing a suitor.  The Fish’s Curse explains why flounder have two eyes on one side of its face.  The Tiger of the Forest of the Night is about a deathlike struggle for supremacy between a tiger and a crocodile.  Cloudburst is a stunning new poem about the war between Indra, the God of Thunder and Lightning, and Vritra, a dragon that has swallowed the rainclouds. 

Bundharam Kundharam offers delightful stories by a compelling new voice in children’s literature that will touch the hearts of its young readers, and their parents.

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